The Kyushu Ceramic Museum

Ceramics in each region of Kyushu, especially those of the Hizen Region (Saga and Nagasaki Prefectures), have developed with their own original styles and traditions. The museum was founded in November 1980 with the goal of contributing to the preservation of this cultural inheritance and the advancement of ceramic art culture.
It is for this reason that we gather, protect and exhibit historically, artistically and industrially important items, as well as hold activities for survey research and educational promotion.
As a facility specializing in Kyushu ceramics, we aim to be the comprehensive base for all things related to ceramic culture, and we put much effort into building international exchange.
In our exhibits, along with making the history of ceramics in Kyushu accessible and easy to understand, we also display Kyushu ceramics, particularly those of the Hizen Region - Karatsu ware, Arita ware and Nabeshima ware, as well as the work of modern ceramicists.
The Mr. and Mrs. Shibata Collection, which has systematically gathered Arita ware from throughout the Edo Period, and the Kanbara Collection, which brings together Arita ware that was exported to Europe during the Edo Period, are particularly popular with visitors.


3100-1 Toshakuotsu, Arita-cho,Nishi Matsuura-Gun, Saga Prefecture 844-8585
Telephone: (+81) 0955-43-3681M
Fax: (+81) 0955-43-3324

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from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm
(Last entrance is 4:30 pm)


Mondays (except holidays)
Year End: December 29 - 31
The museum is open January 1 - 3

Entrance Fee

Free (except during special exhibitions)


Number 1 Parking Lot: 45 regular vehicles, 5 buses
Number 2 Parking Lot: 245 cars, 5 buses
Handicapped Parking: 3 vehicles


Handicapped toilet (1st,2nd Floor)
3 wheel chairs and 2 strollers are available


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